Report 24-hours race SPO (Germany)

From the 44 teams present, team GT-Race managed to take the 8-th position overall at the 24-hours endurance race held in SPO.

GT-Race Team:

Julian Hagedoorn, H26
GT-Race Full Option / Libre Spirit

Mark van den Berg, H170
GT-Race Full Option / Ozone Yakuza GT

Bert Aalbers, H35
GT-Race Ultralight / Libre Spirit

After 24 hours the total covered distance by the three pilots was 826,8 km.

2011 edition was windy but wet at night, the best two teams finished just meters apart while the actuall gap between the third and eight' position was only 13 km.

We like to thank and congratulate Julian, Mark and Bert for this fantastic achievement in their very first 24-hours race.
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GT-Race is

Martin Faber
The Netherlands

+31 (0)58 - 844 04 20
CC 50232185
VAT NL109896993B01


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