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BCH Fun Event 20-05-2012

GT-Race teamdriver Mark van den Berg and Joshua Koppes took the initiative to organize a Kiting Fun Event together with the Dutch BCH at the Brouwersdam.

To make it all happen they approached several sponsors like GT-Race, MG-Kites, XXtreme, Libre, Peter Lynn, Ozone and Vliegers & Co.
All of us contributed to promote the kitesport and set-up camp along each other, weather was just fine with a mild northern wind blowing about 15-20 knots, perfect for such a day!

Two fun races where held, and it was just sheer fun, from the skilled masters to first timers, from full breed race kites to depowered kites all competed together just for fun!

The crowd was welcome to test a variety of kites and buggies..and they sure did, after a while I even missed my own buggy and missed the second fun race!

GT-Race set-up camp brought a small variety of buggies to show and test.
We brought five brand new buggies; 2 x Full Option Custom with the new composite axles, 1 x Full Option polished, 1 x Full Option Custom blasted and our new small GT-Kiddy-Race.
Enough to show what we are capable of.

The event pulled a large crowd of kite enthousiastics, a very successful day at the beach thanks to kite enthousiastics!
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