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GT-Race meeting report!

The first GT-Race meeting turned out a great succes,the weather was really beautifull and sunny.

About 25 GT-Race drivers from Holland, Germany, Belgium and France where present, together with some testers and other drivers, it became the event we hoped for.

The gusty east wind was quite low in the early morning but increased during the day so we packed our 12+ m2 kites and took sizes around 6 m2.
Now it was really fun out there, Jack made some tandemruns with his tandem set-up to enjoy some spectators while our German dealer Chris was helping out a few German testers.

We thank our Teamdrivers and other GT-Race drivers for coming out and putting their buggies available for testruns. Check out the Reports section for more pictures.
GT-Race is

Martin Faber
The Netherlands

+31 (0)58 - 844 04 20
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