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Méditerranéen Openingsrace 2011

This race took place in l'Espiguette, the first race of the Mediterranean Challenge, 17 pilots registered.
The wind was very low, the sand soft and the dunes are part of the circuit.

Thomas started with his 12m2 Yakuza GT and put the set-up of his FO a little bit higher for more ground clearance in the dunes. After starting in the middle, around 10-th place he found himself 4-th position after the first round. The light wind became a bit of a problem, less presure in the kite but Thomas managed to take one more position and was ranked 3-th position after a run trough the dunes. The FO felt perfect for the dunes section, unfortunately the wind dropped even more and the 12m2 became to small to keep up with the larger kites.
Finally the race stopped after less than 1 hour, instead of 2h30, Thomas managed to keep his 4th place, wind conditions permitted to show pilot's talents and Laurent has a lot of talents!!

Laurent engaged his safety system just 5 minutes before the start and lost his kite, oops!!
All pilots had already crossed the start, but nothing was lost before the race ends, it was a race of catching up with the rest..
Except for a little incident with an other pilot during the race, Laurent succeeded to overtake a lot of pilots (except Thomas) and finished the race at the 6th position! Honor is safe !!!

Behaviour of the FO, nothing to say except 'perfect!' It has a very good ground clearance, very good reaction during direction changes and good sidebar maintain. The seat is very comfortable and solid which is really enjoyable during long ride!

Thanks to Thomas and Laurent.
GT-Race is

Martin Faber
The Netherlands

+31 (0)58 - 844 04 20
CC 50232185
VAT NL109896993B01


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