GT-Race Radical
The entry-level buggy for GT-Race, the challenging Radical takes you back to the essence of traction kite powered vehicles.
The Radical is an agile and aggressive buggy, we approached the design with a lighter weight and shorter wheelbase in mind.
From the get-go the racebuggy for ST wheels, but allowed to be updated to Midi or even BFF when desired.

The lower section of the fork is cut from one stretched piece of steel which results into a unique machined look, fixed heelbraced steps tops it of. The snug fit frame is similar to the Rapide. However due to the construction of the rear axle it's shorter in length.
The axle itself comes with the handy 'lock in place' feature and is limited to a length of 1400 mm.

The Radical can be dressed up with several features at preference.

ST / Midi set-up

The Radical initially was designed to go fast on the smaller styles of wheels vary from standard size (named ST or wheelbarrow's) to the slightly wider Midi wheels. Perfect for moderately firm beaches and fields.

BFF set-up

Flip the rear axle and the Radical can be upgraded with a larger fork and tube to take bigfoots if the circumstances ask for it. Smart thinking... the difference between a BFF and ST wheel is 140 mm, therefore the Radical differs 70 mm in height.
When the axle gets flipped upside down a perfect ground clearance is maintained for either set up.

Custom set-up

On request the Radical will be made to suit your chosen favorite discs just contact us for possibilities.
GT-Race is

Martin Faber
The Netherlands

+31 (0)58 - 844 04 20
CC 50232185
VAT NL109896993B01


Mountingparts list

The GT Radical comes with the following items

• ST / Midi size fork
• Dibond mudguard
• Heel braced steps
• 60 x 40 tube with M20 Bearings
• Rear cross and seatbar
• Flippable rear axle 1400 mm
• Inforced cordura seat
• Dibond raceplates including stickerset
• ST Wheels
• Finisch steel shot blasted


Extra parts or items to choose from

• (Custom) flatbed steps
• Rear cross + seatbar
• Reinforce bars
• Midi wheels
• BFF set: large fork + tube + mudguard
• Finish electropolish
• Check the Parts section for more

Technical Data

Longest length

Shortest length
Total heightadjustment (rear axle)
Axle length
Weight ex wheels
Weight incl ST wheels
Weight incl Midi wheels
Weight incl BFF wheels

Weight balance

1670 mm (or custom)
1455 mm (or custom)
71 mm
Made to fit!
1400 mm
> 27 kg
> 33 kg
> 39 kg
> 49 kg
6,5 kg front, 20,5 kg rear
Electropolish or Blasted
> 1.125,00
GT Radical on ST wheels
GT Radical on BFF wheels