GT-Race Rapide++
Technical Data

Longest length

Shortest length
Total lengthadjustment (rear axle)
Total heightadjustment (rear axle)
Number of axle adjustments
Axle length
Weight ex wheels
Weight incl BFF
Weight balance

1870 mm (or custom)
1655 mm (or custom)
95 mm
65 mm
Made to fit!
1450 mm
> 33 kg
> 50 kg
11 kg front, 22 kg rear
Electropolish or Blasted
> € 1.875,00

The GT Rapide comes with the following items

• Full carbon mudguard
• Heel braced steps
• Robust downtube with M20 headstock
• Sidebar reinforcebars
• Integrated backrest/rearcross
• Adjustable 'lock in place' rear axle
• Embroidered black seat and covers
• 1 x Cadkat/Duro, 2 x AS/Duro
• Dibond race plates including sticker set
• Stainless steel shot blasted


Extra parts or items to choose from

• Fork lock
• Custom flatbed steps (up to 5 symbols)
• Vario set-up (width adjustment)
• Finish stainless steel shot blasting / polished
• Wheels of choice
• Finish electropolish
• Check the Parts section for more

GT-Race is

Martin Faber
The Netherlands

+31 (0)58 - 844 04 20
CC 50232185
VAT NL109896993B01


Mountingparts list

The revamped Rapide++, GT-Race’s flagship production model, showcases excellent evolution!!

The Rapide++ embodies the essence of GT-Race, keeping things simple, but yet effective.
Progress has been the way to go forward in exploring ways to improve the Rapide++ which is still unmistakably related to the original #1.

We took the Rapide++ another step forwards and it pushes all the right buttons, torsional rigidity, performance, very users friendly all combined with a touch of flair.

What makes the Rapide++ stand out is our close eye for customers needs, a buggy has to perform but also needs to be durable and easy in use. Therefore, we chose for durable solutions like a strong fork, very rigid and strong downtube with M20 bearings. The buggy assembles with lock nuts while the rear axle locks in place so easy you will be amazed. We integrated the same concept as used on the Radical as a study.

The Rapide++ comes with a number of standard high end features like a full carbon mudguard, unbreakable ‘wrap around’ Dibond race plates in white…. and black and a very well made enforced racy seat which offers loads of support.
Still there’s room for little personalisation, all buggies are handcrafted and made to fit each customer individually.

GT Rapide++ white / black

GT Rapide++ black / white