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M&S, the next chapter

The infamous GT-Race team riders Mano and Stephan made a kick ass movie. Together with flyboarder Bas Meerwijk they show their awesome tricks and skills.

Unfortunately Mano dislocated his shoulder during this session so it all came to a sudden hold.
Mano needs some recovery, but hey, the buggies really held their own!

The new GT Rapide!

The new GT Rapide will be the successor to the Full Option!!

The new, aggressive and streamlined race buggy from GT-Race with that very distinctive look and feel.

From front to back a brand new design with some nice and unique features, the GT Rapide will be the new benchmark for GT-Race.

Our very first Team Rider, Dennis Aalbers will ride the first GT Rapide, we certainly hope to see him on a podium again soon!

Read more about the GT Rapide in the menu.

The GT-Race Full Option is no longer available (parts still are).

New, GT Rapide Ultralight!

How low can you go...well, very.
We put the standard Rapide on a steady diet and came up with the Rapide Ultralight to complete the series.

Based on it’s big brother but reduced in weight on both front and rear section to maintain balance, we completed it with a carbon axle.

The Rapide UL can be delivered with both disc- and bigfoot wheels

Check it out!!

Grand Prix Saint Hilaire 3-3-2013

Low wind often gets the best technical skilled riders floating above.
This was actually the case during this race in St. Hilaire.
Our youngest Team rider, Alexis Verheage (only 17 years old), almost took an overall lead in the whole French league!!
He not only took the 2-nd place in the race but also the 3-nd place in the national French ranking, surely makes a lot of riders frown... the least!!

In the top 10, Thomas Delobelle was 5-th and Fabien Dubrulle 9-th. National ranking, 3-nd Alexis, 4-th Thomas D, 5-th Fabien and 8th Adrien.
Good business for the French GT-Race team!!

Contact for Germany


From now on will handle all orders for Germany directly.
GT-Race Germany is no longer available as dealer for GT-Race.

Oliver Heiden, located in the North of Germany (region Hamburg) will maintain our contact for advise and testing. We are more then happy to advise and help you along configuring your prefered GT-Race buggy!
Alex new teamrider

We added Alexander to our German team.
With a 5-th ranking in the German masters, Alex is fighting in front of the racefield.

We wish him all the best for the coming season in his GT Rapide!

Need a ride and want to test a Rapide? Just ask him!

Thomas Delobelle takes a podium at Portbail national race

Our French GT-Race teamrider Thomas fights himself to a 3-rd podium place in his very first race in the new Rapide. Guess they must have felt good together then!!

Alexis Verhaeghe took the 5-th place overall.

GT-Race leads Dutch race at Ouddorp 27/4 & 28/4

A Very good weekend for both Stephan and Dennis who gathered their precious points and Malte with a very good guestrace!!

Endresult, 3 x GT-Race teamriders on stage:

1. Stephan van Bommel (Rapide / Zebra Z3)
2. Malte Lutz (Rapide UL / Ozone proto)
3. Dennis Aalbers (Rapide / Libre Spirit)

Check the report for a complete story.

The king has done it again at the 8h. of
Les Hemmes!

GT-Race team riders Stephan van Bommel with a little push from his friend Mano Dirix won the 8 hours of Les Hemmes!!
The race was driven over a little more than 5 hours in really strong winds, Stephan’s favorite conditions, and flagged to prevent dangerous situations.
At this time Stephan covered almost the whole race and Mano made about 3 rounds...speeds exceeded 95 km/h and that’s where these guys rise to the occasion and covered the most distance of all!

Young guns and GT-Race team riders, Dennis Aalbers (19) and Mark van den Berg (21) took beautiful 4-th position overall.

1-st Stephan van Bommel & Mano Dirix

2-nd Stéphen Schapman & Mathieu Zubert

3-rd John Jansen & Jeroen Potters

4-th Dennis Aalbers & Mark van den Berg

Congratulations to all!!

The German team, complete!

Proudly we present our complete German GT-Race Team.

From left to right: Maximiliaan Thomes, Bjorn Sperling, Malte Lutz, SebastianThomes, Bastian Bischoff and Alexander Behrens

After relasing the new Rapide buggy at the beginning of this year we received some  interesting mails which resulted in expanding to this very ambitious German team, these guys know how to rock!

Malte won the German master class at the 19-th of may 2013, he made the last race in the Rapide and won the championship on points, Sebastian managed to take a third podium place in his very first aquaintance with his new Rapide UL the same race.

Races Texel june 1/2

Look back before we look race is coming
With four races on saterday and three on sunday the Dutch race weekend on Texel was a very succesfull one.

Saterday was the hard wind day with 3 x Stephan van Bommel and 1 x Dennis Aalbers winning.
Sunday a low wind day with 1 x Sebastian Thomes and 2 x Rens van Lier winning.

Unfortunately Stephan screwed up his last race by making a false start which cost him a full lap and first place overall to Rens.

1. Rens van Lier
2. Stephan van Bommel
3. Dennis Aalbers
4. Sebastian Thomes

The closing race is up next with Stephan leading firmly with only 8 points, Rens second (29 p.) and Dennis third (37 p.).

Stephan Dutch champ!

The Dutch season 2012-2013 was very succesfull for
GT-Race with two teamriders on stage!
Stephan van Bommel was determined to put this years Dutch masters on his name and he convincingly

From the five raced held this season Stephan won three and took two second places.

Then the other guy.... Dennis Aalbers, sooner then most
of us expected, Dennis was consistantly in front of
each race.

Dennis gathered three third places, a fourth and an eight place wich put him firmly on stage claiming his third
place for this season.

Results season 2012-2013
1. Stephan van Bommel (GT-Race teamrider)
2. Rens van Lier
3. Dennis Aalbers (GT-Race teamrider)

Congretulations from GT-Race, we our proud to be able to provide you the materials, together with, to make this happen!!

Bert Aalbers took the second place overall in the open series.

GT-Race Team UK

We welcome two new GT-Race team riders to promote our products in the UK as well.

First one is James Martin, James is only kiting for about a year or so, a very fast learner as he convincingly won the open series in the UK in this very first year.

Second is Ryan Mc.Gavin, a personal friend of James who kind of lifted along the news James becoming a team rider. Ryan is one of UK’s best riders and ranked 2-nd in the Masters last season.

A very welcome asset for GT-Race in the UK.
Currently our team riders are competing for top stages in Holland, Germany, France and the UK.

Eurocups 2013, Borkum Germany

From september 10-th till 14-th the European Kitebuggy championship will be held on the Germany island of Borkum.

Over 100 riders will flood the island to compete for the European title.

After beying present for only 3 years in the kitebuggyscene GT-Race team riders will take a serious shot for a podium this year.

GT-Race wishes all their team rider a very succesfull championship!!

From France: Alexis Verheaghe, Thomas Delobelle, Adrien Delayen and Jerome Bouchet

From Germany: Malte Lutz, Alexander Behrens, Maximiliaan Thomes and Bastian Bischoff

From the UK: James Martin

From Holland: Stephan van Bommel

Report European Championship Borkum 2013

52 riders present to start for this 2013 edition of the Eurocups!
Check-up by the German GPA.

First racing day, conditions differ from wet and hard sand, to very soft and riding in the dunes. The course demands a fearless attitude and takes the most of both rider and material.

Malte Lutz is dominating with three wins, Stephan takes two second places and Alexander manged to take a second place as well. The GT-Race team is on a roll....

To less wind this day to ride an official race, the riders are setting up for a single fun race in very low wind.

Again a very low wind day, just shy above 4 m/s, kites from 10 to 16 m² are used for engines. The course set by the GPA takes them to very soft spots which result into a domino effect of dropping kites.. David takes the lead leaving Malte just behind him.
Second race even worse, the wind has possibly dropped even more and even the most skilled pilots having problems maintaining their course now, however the field keeps moving so we have a race...Stephan Schapman takes the lead and wins leaving the second man about 4 minutes behind him.

Unfortunately shattered rains make racing impossible and races are cancelled for this last day.

1. Malte Lutz (GT-Race team rider)
2. David van Boven
3. Stephen Schapman

4. Alexander Behrens (GT-Race team rider)
7. Stephan van Bommel (GT-Race team rider)

Congretulations Malte, with only a total of 2 points gathered a very convincing win!

We especially also like to mention GT-Race team rider Alexis Verheaghe, he took the 3-rd place in the French national league and placed himself 13-th at the Eurocups this year.
Alexis is only 17 years old and performed very consistently in both hard and low wind conditions, a big hand for this tiny guy!!

Despite the very demanding circumstances we didn't have any buggy failures.
Three team riders competed the races using carbon axles which have prooven to be fully up for the job!

1-1 2-2
3-3 4-4
5-5 6-6
7-7 8-8
9-9 10-10
11-11 12-12
Dutch opening race season 2013/2014

This weekend, september 28-29-th, the opening race of the new kite buggy season started on the Brouwersdam. Conditions barely couldn't have been better, nice autumn sun, good winds and nice beach-conditions!

The race was held over four races on saturday and two on sunday.

Our well known team rider Stephan van Bommel convincingly took a head start for this season by winning five races, a line break in the last race kept prevented a fifth victory.

Further in the top ten we are glad to see team rider Mark van den Berg on a sixth place after a bad season last year, this is about where Mark should be.

Uk team rider James Martin is getting serious about his buggy career, he plans to compete in the dutch league on a regular basis to learn and get better. Close racing in Holland is a good school!!

GT-Race is

Martin Faber
The Netherlands

+31 (0)58 - 844 04 20
CC 50232185
VAT NL109896993B01


Mountingparts list
Dutch openings race season 2012-2013

After being absent for 1.5 years GT-Race team rider Stephan van Bommel took the first place at the BCH openings race.

With 5 rounds held over two days, Stephan managed to take 3 first places which puts him in the lead of the Dutch championship.

GT-Race team driver Dennis Aalbers managed to take fourth position in the masters.
Good start of the new season!!

Landsegler UL wheels

GT-Race is official dealer for Landsegler wheels.

We are more then happy to do business with Landsegler!

Landsegler UL disc wheels are especially designed for kitebuggies, the ultra low rotation mass ensures maximum acceleration.

The lightest disc wheels available!!
Extra options for GT-Race buggies

We have a limited access to the full Carbon
  mudguards, exclusively shaped for GT-Race.
  These mudguards will be offered as a premium
  product as long as they are available.

- We can offer custom cuts for the flatbed steps,
  for example your racenumber or nickname.

- Vario set up upgraded to stainless steel.

- On request our Raceplates are also available in
  white Dibond sandwich panels, just ask us for
1 carbon 2 step
3 vario 4 dibond
Fresh start of the new season

GT-Race freshed up again, full power into the new kitebuggy season with great new drivers from all over the world!

This year we are aiming high for the Dutch championship and the worldcups at Borkum at the end of the season.

Yet the current buggies had a good upgrade wich puts GT-Race solid on top of the market and soon we will experience the birth of a new GT-Race 'ST' buggy as well.

Have a good season
GT-Race Buggies updated

All new GT-Race buggies will be standard delivered with the following features;

- CNC manufactured headstock with M20 bearings,
  to last a lifetime

- Set of raceplates in a printed GT-Race design

- Set of three personal racenumbers

- Improved rear axle connection

1bh 2pl
3nr 4
Second round Dutch Championship

Again a podium for Stephan, second place for the second round right after Harald who took the first place.

Dennis manged to take third position, great achivement for this young (18) talent!

Two times GT-Race / Libre on stage.

GT Specials gallery updated

Added the GT-Race Full Option on 20" Landsegler UL discwheels to the Specials gallery.

Revanche at Normandy beach

After cancelling the French openingsrace, time for a revanche at the Normandy beach.
The second race in the French national league was held and three manches where driven.

Continuity was they the key to succes for GT-Race teamdriver Thomas Delobelle, 5th, 4thand 5th position resulted in a podium, 3rd overall!

Encouraging for the rest of the season!

GT-Race Semi Trick

The first prototype of the ST buggy in test pfase.

We designed a unique 'cut to size' frame which is bend from two opposite tubes, from rear axle till headstock.

Storm sessions by Thomas Delobelle

Added a new video to the movies page!

oops he did it again!

The Dutch race weekend got cancelled, lack of wind on saturday and too much wind on sunday...
Too much wind..?? Not in Stephan's book, let's kick ass!!

Stephan managed to take the Dutch record in his GT-Race on bigfoots, flying his 3,5m2 PKD Combat.
The speedrecord was set on the Brouwersdam, and reached a staggering 109km/h (67,73 mph).
Popeye The Welder Archive

Carbon axle

GT-Race will be working together with to develop the round carbon axles for GT-Race buggies.

The carbon axles provide good damping for maximum grip (not suspension!).

We’’ll keep you informed about the progress, mail us for more info.

Bastian Bischoff new German GT-Race Team rider

We are very proud to welcome Bastian as a team rider for GT-Race. Bastian is well known to be up front in the German and European leagues, currently he is defending his 2-nd place ranking in the German Masters.
Bastian will be equiped with a 'heavy duty' GT-Race Full Option which doesn't bare anything to wish for…it has it all.

A big thanks to our suppliers Buggybags and Dragonfly Carbon Products for supplying the custom seat and carbon mudguard.

We wish Bastian all the fun, good winds and offcourse
lots of podiums with his new GT-Race buggy.

1a 2a
3a 4a