Carbon axles for GT buggies

They have been available for a while, but it needed some time to have them thoroughly tested.
We now feel it has become a reliable option for your GT-Race buggy!!

Mounting a carbon axle on your GT-Race buggy will result into an approximate weight reduction of 4 kg and will add a comfortable damping to the ride.

Massive 80 mm long bushes are glued in and locked in place, we prefer to mount the wheels on stud bolts which remain in the axle. The rims are locked in place with a spring washer and a M20 lock nut. This way less force will be put on the carbon and it's much easier to mount your wheels.

Custom made and available for all GT-Race models, finish polished or blasted.

Carbon axle: € 199,00
Set of stud bolts: € 19,00

Check Parts for more.

New Team riders Harald Nicolas and Maarten

We welcome three new team riders, Harald de Bruijn from Holland, Nicolas Jackson from Denmark and Maarten Miermans from Belgium.

Harald is already well known in the world of kitebuggies, for years he has competed in the very front of the Dutch competition.
We hope his new Rapide with carbon rear axle can help him climb the competition just a little more.

Nicolas Jackson.... 14 years old and from what we’ve seen yet a talented young guy.  If his skills become as good as his enthousiasme, we will certainly see him in action on some big events in the near future.
Nicolas will ride a Rapide and already took a kitebike set-up with it as well, that should be fun!

Maarten and I are in good contact after he bought an ex team rider buggy last year.
He already competed at the eurocups last year and took his first stage in Belgium last weekend... Maarten is hungry and asked for more, luckily it was at the right time and GT-Race lifted him in a Rapide Ultralight within a few days.
Maarten is ready to race and will compete in several races throughout Europe.

Site updated 2014

The site got a huge update.

We updated most section like the GT-Products page, GT-Team page and made a new riders Gallery.

We surely like to see you back in 2014.

Kitebike set

Up for a new challenge…?? Try this!!
Available for the Rapide and also for previous models.

The kitebike set consist of two sidebrackets, M20 rear axle, two cut to size spacers completed with an unbreakable dibond mudguard.

Kitebike set: € 125,00
Dibond mudguard: € 25,00

Check Parts for more.

Stormsquad, low-wind contest!

A Belgium event, organized by the Belgium 'Stormsquad' club for Freestyle Boarders and Kitebuggers, turned to a gathering of Belgium, German and Dutch kite enthousiast.
Our latest addition, team rider Maarten Miermans won the kitebuggy contest leaving 10 competitors  behind.
Since this was his very first ride in his new Rapide Ul, this could be called a very succefull acquaintance!
We don't exactly know where Maarten's skills are but he's most certainly able to drive in front of the others, this surely is promising for races to come. Fun is most important, being on stage seems double fun!

A nice 1-2-3 for GT-Race.

Endresults Buggys:

1ste Maarten Miermans ( B )
2de Stephan van Bommel ( NL )
3de Marc ten Brink ( NL )
4de Michael Gysen ( B )
5de Roger Vaessen ( NL )
6de Steven Cools ( B )
7de Maik Schmidt ( D )
8ste Kelly Moonemans ( NL )
Patrick Gysen ( B )
10de Michiel Linten ( B )
1ste Kelly Moonemans ( NL )

Fork lock

Already a while available but never introduced on the website...

The fork lock is a handy addition when you need to transport your buggy on top of your car or trailer.
Plug in the pin and stop your front end from going all directions but straight forward.
It's just one of those little things.... now available as an option for GT-Race buggies

At a price of only € 19,00

Nicolas Jackson article in K&F

Our young team rider, Nicolas already made it to the
German Kite and Friends magazine.

We added the article as PDF.

This 14 year olds career is making a spur at the
moment, not only he’s the fastest youngest pilot out
there with a brand new PR of 93.5 km/h, but he also
shares the current first place in the Danish National
Championship with only a final race to go.

Some say, he drives a GT-Race Rapide and might have
a change to win… all we know he’s called Nicolas
Kite & Friends buggy special 2014

Today the new Kite & Friends, with buggy special, fell on my doorstep, I was pleasently surprised by the many
GT-Race and related articles. We already posted the 'Nicolas Jackson (DK123)' interview but we stumbled on some more...

For the ones able to read German or just for the pics, we added them as PDF.

GT-Race driver Stephan covers the frontpage

M&S article

Inside we find a 6 (!!) page article about our two 'mad man' Mano Dirix (BE1096) and Stephan van Bommel (H1) also known as M&S, talking about their freestyle buggy adventures, Malte Lutz (G819) also passes by...

It's a nice article about how the guys became (in-) famous doing amazing tricks in their race buggies no one else would dare. There's a special paragraph dedicated to all part and limbs they broke... not without any risk, mind you!! Infamous..... some german critics even speak about their abomination and talk about provocations, I should say we have gone way past that point by now. The guys seem limitless but do have above avarege skills and do obey local rules!

Bjösper article

Team rider Björn is in to bags... big time, check his website at
We found this small add in K&F.

Kite advert

Who's that then....?

Wijk aan Zee < > Den Helder trip

Eight drivers made a nice coast trip from Wijk aan Zee to Den Helder and back, Jeroen Potter made a nice story.
Among the guys some XX, MG and GT riders!

Market buggies

A summary of most high end buggies available on the market today.
The GT-Race Rapide got tested in the 2013 edition of K&F.

We didn't even realized GT-Race provides the Rapide at the lowest rates of them all!!

Easter races at SPO Germany

GT-Race team rider Malte Lutz dominated the easter races, closely followed by Stephan van Bommel.
Conditions weren’t the friendliest with a gusty offshore wind, top 3 results show two riders using depower kites. Malte used the new Ozone Chrono frequently which became an unbeatable combination. Third place overall was for Pascal Lohmann using a Flysurfer.
Stephan van Bommel claimed second place overall using Z3's, showing he’s on top of the action! When both Malte and Stephan used fixed bridle kites the competition was as it's best and the fight for first place was a real fight.
We find two GT-Race team riders claiming 1 and 2 but what happened behind them in the top 10?  Alexander 4th, Dennis 5th, Maximiliaan 6th and Sebastian 8th, 6 times Rapide in the top 8!
Sebastian Thomes and Bastian Bischoff struggled a with the set-up of their new (proto) kites and where a little further back than expected.
Monday the tandemraces where scheduled, with 3 wins out of 4 races, Dennis and Stephan convincingly won this event.
A very succecfull weekend for the individual GT-Race riders and we are certainly more than proud these riders choose to ride for GT-Race!

Find the results here
8 hours of Les Hemmes 2014

The day before the actuall race event a group of riders gathered on the beaches of Les Hemmes.
Arjen van der Tol and Dennis Aalbers ended up in battling for the fastest run in increasing gusty offshore 7-8 Bft winds. They were close with Arjen doing 106 km/h but Dennis just topped that doing the fastest run of the weekend with an amazing 107 km/h, very close to van Bommels and Boels' shared record of 110 km/h.
Considering the 'dirty' offshore wind, an outstanding achievement.

The race on saturday
Conditions again severe with occasional showers an yet again increasing offshore gusty winds up to 7-8 Bfr.
These doubtfull conditions made one of the organizers, Thomas Delobelle, ask all riders if they like to race or not.... honestly it didn't look promising but the majority present liked to start no matter the rain, sticky wet beach and tough winds. So the race was on!

Right after the start of about 40 riders, David van Boven was leading closely followed by Dennis Aalbers, after one lap Dennis was taking the lead which changed a couple of times. Soon all teams changed riders and it was quit clear all were struggling with the unpredictable pounding wind. David's team mate Jeroen Potters stranded, Mark van den Berg pushed consistantly but his 3m² stalled a bit so another riders change. Same with the other teams, all were fighting the circemstances next to their opponenents.

It soon became clear the battle for victory was between three teams and the fight was on.
Dennis and Mark were leading the race and Mark finished with a 2,5m².
After about 3 hours the flag dropped cause it was no longer safe for the riders.... luckily no accidents but a few critical situations. All buggies nicely sandblasted, this event came to an end with all thumbs up to the organisation making it a race, even under these conditions!

Team GT-Race NL, Dennis Aalbers and Mark van den Berg convincingly won with a great display of skills and guts, congretulations!!

Top 3 results
1. Team GT-Race NL:
    Dennis Aalbers + Mark van den Berg
2. Team Peter Lynn:
    Arjen van der Tol + Eric Leegwater
3. Team Rock and Roll:
    David van Boven + Jeroen Potters

Nicolas Danish Champion 2014

This might well be the youngest champion ever at age 14... an amazing achievement!!

We asked Nicolas to write a short report of his first year in racing class 8.

August 2013, first race:
Rømø Denmark  the very first of 5 races without even ever witnessed a buggy race before,
Nicolas started the race, which was full of newbie mistakes, but a learningfull expierence.....
Second race, October:
Again 5 races and all top three finishes, progress does come real fast!
Third race:
3 Races this weekend and two first places.... Nicolas is in the flow and is the rider to be recon with!
Fourth race:
Low wind conditions and 5 races sceduled, a close fight for the championship, which is really close now.
After this race shares the first place with equal points.
Last racing day:
Fight for the title, and an exiting fight as number 1 and 2 are as close as it gets!
After 5 races consistently finished all 5 in second place, precious point were gathered....
With only one single point difference Nicolas became the Danisch champion!

By now we know he's all over the newspapers in Denmark, he's probably the youngest champ ever...
It doesn't go by unseen as Nicolas now enjoys next to GT-Race for buggysponsor, also Libre for Zebra Z3 kite sponsoring.

Nicolas is one of the exceptions who got asked by GT-Race (instead of the other way round) if he wanted to be sponsored with a Rapide buggy, I am awfully glad he accepted the offer and I really enjoy his endless enthusiasm!!

We will see Nicolas in action at the 24 hours of SPO and wish him and his team all the luck!

Denmark overall season 2013-2014
1. Nicolas Jackson (GT Team rider)
2. Michael Eghøj
3. Lars Kruse Gregersen
France overall season 2013-2104
1. Benjamin Bartholomeus (future GT Team rider)
1. Stephen Schapman
3. Simon Cottard
4. Thierry Guibal
5. Alexis Verhaeghe (GT Team rider)
UK overall season 2013-2014 (one race to go)
1. Adrien Lavelle
2. James Martin (GT Team rider)
3. Ryan Mc Gavin (GT Team rider)
German overall season 2013-2014
1. Malte Lutz (GT Team rider)
2. Sebastian Thomes (GT Team rider)
3. Bernd Spiering
4. Alexander Behrens (GT Team rider)
6. Maximiliaan Thomes (GT Team rider)
7. Bastian Bischoff (GT Team rider)
Dutch overall season 2013-2014
1. Stephan van Bommel (GT Team rider)
2. Joost Nieskens
3. Dennis Aalbers (GT Team rider)
4. Mark van den Berg (GT Team rider)
End of season…the titles!!

It’s the end of the buggy season 2013-2014, the overall results for GT-Race and its team riders is nearly out of this world…!! We are so very proud to be in the very front in various countries with our team riders, so much has been achieved in the just four years GT-Race exists!

Last race weekend for Holland was held at Texel this weekend, a very nice location on an island just out of the coast in the north of Holland, seven races for each class over two days.
Winners; 1. Stephan van Bommel (GT), 2. Dennis Aalbers (GT), 3. Joost Nieskens.

Four national title holders and the European champion in the team…surely you can imagine how that does make me feel…. We are awfully proud these riders chose to ride for GT-Race, really a team effort, just makes me happy to contribute!
GT-Race Rapide FL... facelift

Updated on 10 individual points:

1. Upper fork plate with two ‘racy’ gaps.

2. Reshaped heel braced steps operate under a larger
    angle, available adjustable or fixed.

3. Optional flatbed pads bend to provide an even greater
    comfort to your feet.

4. Clamp plates with one extra hole so the tube to be
    inserted more for shorter pilots.

5. Smoother shaped rear sidebar plates move in 4
    positions, 1 down, neutral and two up.

6. FL now standard prepared for sidebar reinforce bars,
    available as an aftersales option.

7. FL now standard prepared for the Vario-set, available
    as an aftersales option.

8. The Vario-set (width adjustment) has been updated
    for easier mounting.

9. Dragonfly carbon mudguards will be default.

10. Unique 'wrap around' race plates in unbreakable
     Dibond race plates are standard.

With these updates we expect to have situated the GT-Race Rapide on an even higher level.
A very durable, functional en smart looking concept all around with a great care for customers demands.
With the current orderload in mind you soon will be able to check out several Rapide FL's in Holland, France, Germany and the UK.

Also check the Rapide page for more updates.
GT-Race team wins 24H. SPO 2014

Report by Mark

Just came home from St. Peter Ording where Maximilian, Dennis and me competed in the 24 hour race of SPO, here is my report from a great weekend with awesome people, fun and a good but lightwind race!

We, Jessica (my girlfriend and a awesome helper), Dennis and I arrived on friday afternoon, we went to the campsite first to put up our tents and get ourself ready for a good night of sleep. After that we jumped in the car and went to the beach where we were meeting Maximilian and Sebastian who just came back from a session to check out the beach. Good news because the beach was in perfect condition, hard and flat from the flood a few days earlier. Then we went back to the campsite where Maximilian made us some good "bradwurst" and chicken on the BBQ! After the great and fun diner we quickly went to bed to get some rest for the race the next day..

Saturday, raceday! At 8:00 we woke up to get some food for breakfast and the beach because it was going to be 2 long days! We arrived on the beach in the rain which made all our stuff wet before we even started to race, quickly put up the tent and threw our stuff in it. Then we heard the call for the briefing, all the helpers got their instructions and the pilots got briefed right after. Max started the race with the Ozone Chrono 12 we got from Ozone and which we were going to use all race. He had a good first run where he made a lot of KM's to start with. After that it was Dennis’ turn, he went out on the 15 but quickly came back because the wind dropped and it became to small to ride with. We hurried to get the 18 ready, our lightwind machine which worked out great. We were able to ride while almost everyone was waiting for wind which made us make some extra KM's. The wind picked up and we kept on changing pilots every 1,5 hour as long the wind stayed the same. Around 11:00 next morning Dennis was out on the 18 while the wind began to pick up fast, we quickly changed riders and kites and went out with the 15 which was a great choice, made some more rounds when even the 15 became to big and Max had to go out on the 12 doing an awesome session for almost 2 hours untill the race ended at exactly 13:07.

Now we had to wait for the results. We knew it was going to be a close call between our team, GT-Race NL, and the guys from Peter Lynn where GT-Race teamrider Sebastian was competing. Then they made the call, our team won with 636KM's in 24 hours of racing! Sebastian's team ended up second with just 4,6km difference!

After the race we went back to the campsite, got a good shower, then went to a cafe to watch Holland play the worldcup and get some proper food, then of to bed because staying awake for 40 hours really kills you..

Thanks to GT-Race for delivering the great buggies and hoodies which made us a real team during the race! Also a big thanks to Ozone for delivering the Chrono's to race with! In 3 years we certainly come back to SPO to defend our title and speaking for the whole team I'm sure I can say: We can't wait to race the 24 hours of SPO again!
GT-Race is

Martin Faber
The Netherlands

+31 (0)58 - 844 04 20
CC 50232185
VAT NL109896993B01


Mountingparts list

With the first few races in the new race season behind recess,it’s the winterstops.
A lot of new buggies and even more new kites present it’s already a very exciting season.
Everybody has become aware of the therm ‘Chrono-time’ these days, the kite that shook up the whole kite scene.

Where are the riders...?

In Germany Malte Lutz is evermore unbeaten... followed close behing by the brothers Thomes on 2 and 3.. and even a fourth team GT rider Bastian Bischoff on place 4.

Holland GT riders are also leading the competition, Mark v/d Berg currently in the lead with his new Chrono’s, Dennis Aalbers just one point behind on second place.
Stephan van Bommel has some business in the US, he romantically asked his girlfriend Fon  to marry him...and then went off in his buggy at the dry lakes.
He missed some races but surely will be back with his brand new Peter Lynn Fury’s

Our youngest, Nicolas Jackson is leading in Denmark, he has had some good battles but was able to maintain the lead on points.

Ryan Mc Gavin is steady on second place in the UK.

In France Thomas Bouzerand is leading in the mediterranean league and in the north Thomas Delobelle, Fabien Dubrulle, Alexis Verhaeghe and Adrien Delayen are having good fun amongst themselves fighting each other for top 5 rankings.
Expected in 2015

We have some nice new things coming in 2015.
First of all we changed the theme of the site to ‘stylish’ black and updated all necessary and added some, we surely hope you like it!

Next we will present the Rapide JR, the 80% scaled version of the Rapide FL.

Last but not least we will launch our latest buggy model, the GT-Race Radical.

We aim to have both buggies fully online in januari, meanwhile you can check the pages for info. The Ul version of the Rapide will be no longer available.
With the Rapide FL as our main flagship and sellingpoint, supported by the Rapide JR and the new Radical, we are able to offer a wider choice of styles.
GT-Race boys on fire!!

Saturday january 10th 2015... weather forecast predict wind gusts up to 50 knots.
The kind of weather what gets Stephan and Dennis out of bed early to hit the best spot in Holland, IJmuiden beach. They both have been following the forecast over the week, eager to catch that one perfect moment.
On their way to the beach the last predictions where promising, a good 8-9 bfr, gusts up to 10-11 bfr, direction SSW.

Time of arrival 9:30 h. instantly several runs exceeded 100 km/h, together with the increasing wind speeds got close to world record heights. After a few good runs Dennis clocked 112 km/h, back at his gear Stephan topped that with an amazing 116 km/h.

In fact both GT-Race team riders had done speeds no man or woman has ever done on a beach, Dennis did it on BFF wheels and Stephan used the faster Landsegler disc wheels.

Only 2,5 hours later they found themselves in shattered rains, so time to pack the gear and go home with a pair of smiles that won't rub off.

GT-Race is damn proud to deliver them the buggies they can relay on to this kind of abnormal speeds.

Worldrecord BFF on a beach

Dennis Aalbers did the fastest run ever done on BFF and put 112 km/h on his two GPS's
Kite: Libre Spirit 2.6
Buggy: GT-Race Rapide FL
Wheels: Cadkat on Duro's

Worldrecord absolute on a beach

Stephan van Bommel shattered his last record and put 116 km/h on his two GPS's.
Kite: Peter Lynn Fury 6
Buggy: GT-Race Rapide
Wheels: Landsegler discs

The new Radical!

Check out our latest...
The GT-Race Radical is now online.

The buggy below our Rapide FL, lighter and shorter for maximum fun and response.
This one is ment to go fast on grass and beach.

From now on available on ST, Midi and BFF wheels.
Make a Radical choice if you dare.

Check out the Radical page.
Rapide JR now online

For the young guns... the 80% scaled model of the Rapide.
This is not just a small buggy, it bares nothing and comes with all features expected on a race buggy.

The perfect buggy for young (or small) talented riders who like to grow seriously in the game.

The Rapide JR is suitable for ST, Midi and Midi XL wheels and is available in sizes from 35-39 cm.

Check the Rapid JR page for more info.
Dutch BCH races march 14 & 15

First race in the new year, right after the winter stop, every single pilot freshly motivated!
Weather conditions for both days are a rather unstable land breeze from over the dunes vary in strength from 2-4 Bft, accompanied with mild clouds and an occasional sun trying to peak through.

Saturday and Sunday both good for three races a day, and yes, it was Chrono-time again…
Both Masters and Open where dominated by Chrono riders, but in the Masters there was a good fight between Mark van den Berg H170 (GT team rider) and David van Boven B1083 (XX team rider) who are both using the same kites.

It was Mark who had the better hand, he convincingly took the win with 4 first and 2 second places, scoring a total of only 2 points all weekend. David became second taking 10 points. Dennis Aalbers H36 (GT team rider), after a recount, took third place with 17 points.

Mark earned his respect leaving David behind and had his best race weekend ever.
In the overall ranking Mark gathered just 12 points and is strongly in the lead, Dennis following at second place with 28 points. The gap to third place is a massive 34 points, so the GT boys are really going strong so far this season!!

Full confidence on to the next races april 11 & 12 at IJmuiden beach.
GT Radical BFF version online

The very first Radical is a fact…
We made a very complete special version, it bares nothing.

The Radical will thoroughly tested this week, an update will follow.

Meanwhile we are very excited by the ‘technical’ design, from CAD’s to the real thing has been a very successful process.

Check out the Radical at the Radical page!

Email notification

My personal email adress has changed to
msffaber @

The kpnmail account will be unavailable within 3 weeks, all mails will be redirected to
msffaber @

As usuall you can always contact GT-Race through
mail @

GT-Race 2014-2015 season

With the kitebuggy season rounding up it’s time to make a balance where GT team riders have ended up…

8th of may French Championship

2nd place Benjamin Bartholomeus F161
5th place Thomas Bouzerand F412

The french championship was held over 7 manches
with a difference of 3 points Benjamin ended up on
second place. Thomas was even closer to a better
result with only 1 point difference, he ended fifth.
Competitive racing in France!

In their own region leagues we find some
GT team riders up front as well.

League Nord 2nd place for Fabien Dubrulle F20
League Brittany 1st place for Jerome Bouchet F338
League Basse Normandie 1st place Benjamin
Bartholomeus F161
Ligue Méditerranée 1st place Thomas Bouzerand F412

25th of may German Championship

1st place for Malte Lutz G819
2nd place for Sebastian Thomes G62
3rd place for Maximilian Thomes G1338

Further on in the top 10 we find Alexander Behrens
G1017 on 5th and Bastian Bischoff G1398 on 9th.

What can we say…. Malte yet again won another year
with a total score of 0 points held over 17 manches,
a 30 points difference with Sebastian.

UK Championship

With one final race to go Ryan Mcgavin K101 has still a shot of getting 3rd place.

Again a great result for our team riders, a very special thanks to all.

GT-Race has become to what it is today, thanks to the team riders!!

14th of june Dutch Championship

1st place for Mark van den Berg H170
2nd place for Dennis Aalbers H36

The dutch BCH had a very productive season with 28 manches this season.
Mark had a good battle with both Dennis and David van Boven (Belgium).
Dennis was mostly on handles while Mark and David shared the same material.
Mark had the upper hand and showed himself a worthy dutch champion.

The ‘genius’ kids Mark and Dennis also took the victory for the second year in a row, at the 8 hours of Les Hemmes which really shows their great potential.
16th of may Danisch Championship

2nd place Nicolas Jackson DK123

Nicolas has been battling with Randy all season long, up to the final race the gap was real close, so it was a fight for the title in Danmark. This year Nicolas just came a little short and had to hand his title to Randy. Battle on for the coming season!!
Rapide++ up and coming

Team riders exit and entrance


The old news is that Stephan van Bommel and Mano Dirix have ‘officially’ stopped racing.

I just think they might sneak up on a remote beach some where, some how, some time.


We like to welcome Marc ten Brink (H2) from Holland as a new team rider.

Marc has been a very loyal customer at GT-Race and promoted from Open to Master class this year.

With a little help of his Ozone Chrono kites Marc can offer good competition with his many years of expierience. On two wheels he would probably outrace them all, since he’s a crack in a kitebike!

Marc will race in a stylish new black Rapide++, we wish him all the luck and good fun!
The  new Rapide++

Striking Rapide++ revealed as successor to Rapide FL, completes the trilogy.
The GT-Race Rapide was introduced January 2013, after some refinements mid 2014 we are taking the Rapide++ one step further. We evaluated every tiny individual item which eventually resulted in the revision of over 70% of all parts.

So what’s it about then…? It’s about making life easier!!

A lot has changed under the skin, stuff what’s not always visible to the untrained eye, but surely adds up to gain more strength, contribute to more efficient construction processes and making the Rapide++ even more users friendly. Along that road we always kept a close eye on detailing so the Rapide++ not only feels good but also looks good!

There’s lot to discover new on the Rapide++, some highlights are:
- adjustable heelstraps
- effective steplock
- new fork
- improoved clamp plates
- smooth axle joint
- new racy seat
- new logo’s
- black and white dibond race plates
- plus several refined changes under the skin
Euro-cups 2015
Splish and splash and we’re taking a bath… in De Panne Belgium, the location for the euro-cups 2015 from Saturday 19 untill Tuesday September 22nd. The conditions of the races where overall quite wet and the track was merely long straights, on Saturday 3 races, Sundays lack of wind, Monday 3 races again
and Tuesday the rain ended the championship.

We had good expectations for several GT-Race team
riders, still the end score made us blush.

1st Dennis Aalbers 2015 European champion

2nd Mark van den Berg 2015 vice European champion

GT-Race two very first team riders who have been
absolute loyal for over 5 years, a very deserved
victory and a very warm thank you to both!

1st & 2nd Dennis & Mark

On the first day both Dennis and Mark had some bad
luck… Dennis lost a wheel, ehm…oops and Mark went
up side down which is obviously not the way to win a
championship on Monday they got it all straight and
both where firmly in front…..

4th Hugo

But hey who came along side that Monday, Hugo
Vandezande surprised friend and foo and took the lead
in the first two race on Monday…. Hugo who also rides
a GT-Race Rapide ended at a well deserved fourth

5th Bjorn

On to fifth we find another GT-Race team rider Bjorn
Sperling, he got his Rapide going like his industrial
sewing machine. Bjorn was the most consistent rider
in the top 5, if it wasn’t for that one scraper each he
would have ended way on top and would have won
this euro-cup.

Inside the top 10 we find Maximilian Thomes on
seventh and Damien Rivals closing in tenth place. That
puts six GT pilots in the top 10 of whom four within
the top 5.

We like to thank all team riders competing at the
eurocups some where lucky others less. You can loose
beying a great driver but can’t win if you aren’t!!

A last thanks to the two co-GT riders who put their
Landsegler discs available for this event; Didier
Semaille and Marc van den Brink your wheels came in
first and second!
New full buggy covers available

In association with we developed
new closed buggycovers especially for your GT-Race

The new covers are equipped with a large plastic
zipper that closes the cover from above, the zipper
itself is protected with a velcro closed, colour
contrasting flap.

The cover protects the complete buggy frame, from
top to bottom, smart design allows it to access the
inside ‘storage’ space easily from above.

Two tone ‘standard’ covers are priced at € 129,-

(Custom design on demand).
Light weight Carbon axles available

The Carbon axles are back again, we reviewed the
overall design and asked for our customer’s

On the outside a carbon (or stainless) sleeve is fitted
while the brackets are equipped with an inner plastic
sleeve to easily adjust the width of the brackets, now
you can use the carbon axles as well in combination
with a vario-set.

The carbon axle is about 4 kg. lighter in weight
compared to a standard stainless axle, both have a
standard length of 150 cm.

Carbon axles are priced at € 225,-

(The use of stud bolts (€ 19) are highly

New Vario-set in plastic (ABS)

The Vario-set is used to adjust the buggy in width and consist of four  10 mm thick plates which can be inserted at four different positions, the buggy can be enlarged two sizes.

The previous 10 mm stainless plates did add some weight, with the use of the new plastic (ABS) plates the added weight is reduced to irrelevant. ABS is a very strong and tough plastic.

The new Vario-set are priced the same as before at € 99,-

(Four plastic plates, each 10mm + a set of extra long lock bolts).