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Dutch race at Ouddorp 27/4 28/4

Races at Ouddorp in really very bad and bumpy beach conditons, in the morning the wind was very low, we even had to wait a while to be able to race at all...but the wind picked up as the tide came in, the beach got smaller and the wind increased to about 6 bfr... Evantually it started to get really dangerous and the last race got cancelled due to these circumstances.

We’ve rarely seen such exiting and close racing as this race...with 3 manches raced and three different winners!

The first manche was led and finished by three GT-Race team riders with Stephan van Bommel first, Malte Lutz second and Dennis Aalbers third..... Arjen van der Tol made an impressive reentry but snapped a line after taking the third position from Dennis and therefore did not make it to the finish.
Second manche.. a fight between the titans; Arjen, Stephan and Malte competing for the race in front of the others...they finished in this order as well, Dennis following some places behind at eight position.
Third and last Masters race of the day, this time Malte is in the lead and Stephan second, Malte seemed to be determined to hold the lead and it looked like he flew over the bumps with his Rapide UL of only 43kg! Dennis made a fourth place this final race and put himself on stage again.

A Very good weekend for both Stephan and Dennis who gathered their precious points and Malte with a very good guest race!!

Endresult, 3 x GT-Race teamriders on stage:

1. Stephan van Bommel (Rapide / Zebra Z3)
2. Malte Lutz (Rapide UL / Ozone proto)
3. Dennis Aalbers (Rapide / Libre Spirit)
GT-Race is

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The Netherlands

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